4 Major Reasons Why Older Women Younger Men Relationships Fail

In recent times, the number of older women younger men relationships has increased. As with every relationship out there, this particular kind of relationship does have its issues. Some are the same as those that every couple faces. A lack of communication and respect between partners will lead to a break up. Infidelity is also one of the reasons that relationships fail. However, there are a few issues more common in a relationship between an older woman and a younger man that can potentially cause it to fail.

1. Dishonesty

A lack of honesty will surely bring about the end of older women younger men relationships. It is important to be truthful about your character and personality. Lying about how you really are may seem like the best thing to do so as to seem like you fit into the world of a love interest. However, that pretense can only hold up for so long. In time, your real personality and character will show itself. Once this deception is revealed, it is highly likely that the relationship will end.

Older women younger men relationships

2. Lack of Sharing

Not involving your partner in your life also leads to the end of a relationship. The values, hobbies and lifestyles of people in older women younger men relationships will be different. This is natural because they are at different stages in their lives. A healthy relationship involves sharing those different activities and interests with your partner. It is a sign that you sincerely want them in your life. Failure to do will lead to failure of the relationship.

3. Money Matters

An older woman has probably already achieved her career goals. She holds a high position at work and is probably making very good money. Her spending habits will probably reflect that situation. A younger man may not be at that stage of life yet. He is still working his way up the corporate ladder. If this is so, his earnings will not be as attractive as that of an older woman. His spending habits will not be as extravagant as that of an older woman. This is a potential source of resentment. If resentment builds up, it will bring an end to many older women younger men relationships.

4. Having Children

Probably the biggest problem is that of procreation, or rather a lack of the desire to do so. Many young men dream of having children of their own. At some point in their relationships with older women, the issue will come up. An older woman has probably already given birth to and raised her own kids. They probably do not want to have any more kids. In situations like this, it is hard to reach a compromise. Often, dealing with this difference in what each wants takes a toll on the relationship. Depending on how strong the desire is to have kids, this could lead to the relationship ending.

Older women younger men relationships face the same problems as other couples do. However, these four particular problems are more commonly experienced by partners in an older women younger men relationship. Some people are able to work through these issues through communication and mutual respect. Unfortunately, a number of these relationships are unable to resolve them, which leads to their ending.

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