Older Women Looking for Younger Men – Are You a Cougar?

The word  “Cougar” has adopted a whole new meaning. Recently, it has become a slang term used to describe  older women looking for younger men. These men are at least 5 years younger than the Cougar.  The fact is, women sexually peak in their mid-thirties. Some women even peak when they are a bit older. That’s why a younger man, with more sexual energy, is a great match for them. These days, more and more older women are making the effort to look after themselves and looking for a younger guy that can keep up with their lifestyle.

A while ago, calling a woman a Cougar woman was considered an insult. The insult was used to describe a mature woman who stalked and pounced on vulnerable younger single men, while hoping for a sexual fling.  The perception of older women looking for younger men was that of sad, lonely old women who targeted younger men because men their own age didn’t want them.  Cougar women were simply looked down upon. Isn’t it amazing how times have changed?

Nowadays, the word “Cougar” is used more positively. It is used to describe more about the attitude of a woman rather than the age of the men they choose to see. Do you think you’re a Cougar? Take the Cougar Quiz below to find out!

Cougar Quiz:

1.   Are you mature, independent and savvy?

2.   Are you opinionated, sassy and fun?

3.   Do you have a full fantasy life that you want to share with others?

4.   Are you open to relationships with younger men?

5.   Are you fun and enjoy humor of many different types?

6.   Do you love to travel, explore and learn new things?

7.   Are you getting sexier and more sensual as you age?

8.   Can you assert yourself without worrying what others will think of you?

9.   Are you happy whether in a relationship or not?

10. Do you know what you want and then go after it?

So how did you go? If you answered yes to more than one question then you have a true Cougar “attitude”. Regardless of your age, be proud and proclaim yourself a Cougar! Older women looking for younger men are confident, intelligent, independent and fun. Revel in your relationships and enjoy life now!


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