What Happens On Cougar Cruises?

Relationships in the modern world have little in common with those of only a few decades prior.  In an age when marriage is an uncertainty and more people are looking for excitement rather than the usual grind, many of the rules and descriptions of the dating game have changed.  One of the largest restrictions to be lifted is that of age and gender relationships, turning the traditional viewpoint of younger women seeking older men upon its head.  The cougar phenomenon, espoused by celebrities, dating sites, and now cougar cruises, offers women with an interest in younger men to step forward and pursue their preference in a relationship.  Cougar cruises are one of the newest means of marketing on unorthodox relationships, advertising the chance for women anywhere between twenty-five to seventy-two years of age to meet younger men while also experiencing the relaxation and recreation that any normal cruise would allow.

cougar cruises

Cougar Cruises and Relationship Culture

Many women prefer to define themselves as cougars and board a cruise liner full of younger men in an attempt to change what culture defines as a healthy relationship.  The majority of women who identify as cougars may have little success of landing a younger man in a traditional setting, but in a location where the rules of engagement are clearly defined — both men and women are given black wristbands that state “AVAILABLE” for other passengers to see — the odds are suddenly in their favor.  While cougar cruises may overlap with other cruise activities, with many of the hundreds or thousands of people on board not looking for romance, activities allow women to intermingle with those interested in what’s for sale.  While the ratio of men to women depends upon who signed up for which cruises, the favorable odds are usually tilted towards the men interested in meeting older women.  The men who do join these cruises identify as more emotionally mature than their counterparts who go after women their own age or younger.  Many of the women agree, as they find younger men to be less complicated.  Younger men, after all, are:

  • Less likely to be previously married or have children
  • Less likely to have major financial commitments
  • Less likely to be cynical about their careers
  • Less likely to be interested in long-term relationships

What Cougar Cruises Offer Their Customers

These pleasure craft offer a change of the traditional dating game.  Men still pursue the women, often as wolfishly and dramatically as they would on land, but without the need for the games that both sexes often declare a waste of time; both parties know why they are here and most agree in what they are looking for.  Indeed, some women quip that they would like to meet a plumber and an electrician along the way.  The tone of these cruises is always casual, as the men compare notes on the women and the women gossip about the men.  Passengers remark that they enjoyed the trip and its change from the ordinary dating game; cougar cruises serving as a badly-needed alternative to the status quo.

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