Where To Meet Older Women

If you are a younger man who is interested in meeting an older woman, there are lots of options and you have a great chance of meeting that someone special. However, if you want to know where to meet older women, you need to know where to look because you cannot head to the same places you would go to meet girls of your own age.

Dating Sites

Creating an account on dating sites is a great way to look for older women. A large majority of women on dating sites are women who may be divorced, or simply single and have been unable to find the right guy. This is exactly what you are looking for, so go onto a few different sites and see what sort of women you can find. Also keep in mind that there are some dating sites which are specific to older women, which is perfect for you. This helps you find the largest selection of women who you already know are just what you are looking for, so now you can work on narrowing it down by determining which women you could actually see yourself dating.

Grocery Store

A quick trip to the grocery store may end up getting you more than just a few pieces of food for tonight’s dinner. While young girls usually do not do their own grocery shopping, most older women do, so you know you have the best chances of finding the type of woman you are interested in.

where to meet older womenChurch

Many older women have an interest in religion and spirituality, so heading to church may not be a bad idea. This may not be an ideal choice if you are not particularly interested in it, but if these sorts of values are important to you in a mate, it can be a great option.

Exercise Class

If you appreciate a woman who takes care of her body and stays in shape, signing up for an exercise class can help you successfully find a woman you are interested in dating. From yoga to pilates, aerobics to biking, you have lots of options and can also get a good workout in at the same time.


Social media sites are incredibly popular in today’s world, and they offer a great way for meeting women specific to your preferences. If it is older women in particular you are interested in, you can simply do a search to find the type of woman you want. Or, if you have older friends, you can look through their friends list and possibly find a potential love interest. This also gives you the chance to get to know each other a bit better and find out whether you are actually interested in the person before meeting up for an actual date.

Overall, the best places to go if you want to know where to meet older women are:

• Dating sites
• Grocery store
• Church
• Exercise class
• Facebook

If you want to know where to meet older women, you are certainly not limited in terms of your options. Just make sure you are planning your free time to head to the right places, so you can find the type of woman you are looking for.

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